LibreTime Radio Automation


An open source radio automation server made for (and made by) low-power FM stations and the rest of us.

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Using LibreTime
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Radio Broadcasting 101
UNESCO Public Radio Guide

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How to Build Your Schedule

Build Station Schedule

Step-by-step Text Based

A description of the steps involved in adding a show to the LibreTime calendar schedule for future playback including repeating shows

Audience: Program Managers and Admins

  1. Click on the Calendar menu item on the left side of the screen
  2. Click on the blue New Show button
  3. Under What - type in a Name to replace Untitled Show
  4. Optional – add URL, Genre and Description
  5. Under When click In The Future
  6. Select a date and time for the Start Time and End Time
  7. Time is entered as 00:00 where the first 2 digits are the hour in 24 hour time and the second 2 digits are the minutes. So 15:00 is 3PM. Note: 24 hours is the maximum show time and Midnight is 00:00 of the next date.
  8. Click Repeats if this show will air more than once.
  9. If it airs at the same time of the day on more than one day of the week then check the boxes next to the Days it should repeat on.
  10. If this is a limited engagement show uncheck No End? and select the date at which this show should no longer be on the schedule.
    • Autoloading Playlist is used if you will generate the content for this show using a playlist possibly containing smartblocks to dynamically generate it. Ihf this is checked and a playlist is selected, LibreTime will schedule it an hour before the show is set to air as well as any Intro & Outro Playlist configured in the Admin settings. See other How Tos for ideas about how to use Autoloading playlists.
  11. Live Stream Input contains the streaming information for DJs and if Use LibreTime Authentication is checked then DJs can login to stream live if they are added to the Who section.
  12. Who is where you can give DJ users permission to schedule tracks for this show and stream live during the show spot. You can check the box next to them or type their name and click the drop down.
  13. Style allows you to select a custom color and add a show Logo for this show.