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Broadcasting live with MIXXX or B.U.T.T.

Live shows with MIXXX

Mixxx is a cross-platform Open Source application for DJs.

Installed on a desktop or laptop computer, Mixxx complements your LibreTime server to provide a complete system for both live and scheduled broadcasting. Although Mixxx has many features designed for dance music DJs that require beat matching and pitch independent time stretching, the program can be used for any kind of manually triggered broadcast playout, including live speech shows such as news or current affairs.

Mixxx supports a wide variety of popular hardware control surfaces, which can be connected to your computer using a USB cable. A control surface might replace or augment an analogue mixer in your studio, depending on your live mixing and playout requirements.

Mixxx 1.9.0 or later includes a live streaming client which, like LibreTime, is compatible with the Icecast and SHOUTcast media servers. This feature can also be used to stream from Mixxx directly into LibreTime, using either the Show Source or Master Source.

To configure Mixxx for streaming into LibreTime, click Options, Preferences, then Live Broadcasting on the main Mixxx menu. For server Type, select the default of Icecast 2. For Host, Mount, Port, Login and Password, use the Input Stream Settings configured in the LibreTime Streams page, on LibreTime’s System menu. See stream settings for remote input connection details.

Live shows with B.U.T.T. (Broadcast Using This Tool)


  1. Download and install BUTT for your OS. Note: be sure you have butt version 0.1.17 or newer installed
  2. Open up BUTT
  3. Click settings
  4. Under Main > Server click ADD
    • Type LibreTime (or your station) under Name
    • Click the radio button next to IceCast under Type
    • Type your stations URL (webpage address) under Address:
    • Type 8002 under Port:
    • Type your DJ login password under Password
    • Type /show under IceCast mountpoint:
    • Type your dj login under IceCast user:
  5. Click ADD
  6. Still in settings click, Audio and select your external sound card under Audio Device Note: if you only have an internal sound card you maybe able to use it but that is OS specific and outside of this tutorial. We are assuming you have a mic and mixer or a USB mixer hooked up to or as an external soundcard

Show Time

  1. When its almost your show time go to your LibreTime page and look at the time in the top right when your show starts go to Butt.
  2. Click the white Play button (third button in the middle).
  3. If it says connecting… and then stream time with a counter– congratulations, your are connected!
  4. Go to the LibreTime page and at the top right under Source Streams the tab besides Show Source is to the left and Orange – if it is and Current shows Live Show you are connected.
  5. If it is gray, click on the Show Source switch to the right of it and it will toggle your show on and you will be broadcasting. Note: whether auto connect is turned on is a station specific setting so it could work either way

Recording your show

You can record your show under butt by clicking the red circle record button on the left. It will save a mp3 based upon the date and time in your home/user directory by default.

Everything should now be working and you can broadcast for your entire time slot. If you choose to stop streaming before it is over click the white square Stop button to disconnect. Then go to the LibreTime page and if the Show Source didn’t automatically disconnect you can click it to the right and it should turn gray.

You are now done streaming.

If you have issues connecting check with your system administrator to see if you have the details right.