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Multipass is a tool for easily setting up Ubuntu VMs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Similar to Docker, Multipass works through a CLI. To use, clone this repo and then create a new Multipass VM.

git clone
cd libretime
multipass launch bionic -n ltTEST --cloud-init cloud-init.yaml
multipass shell ltTEST

Multipass isn’t currently able to do an automated install from the cloud-init script. After you enter the shell for the first time, you will still need to run the install script for LibreTime.

cd /libretime
sudo bash install -fiap

The IP address of your new VM can be found by running multipass list. Copy and paste it into your web browser to access the LibreTime interface and complete the setup wizard.

You can stop the VM with multipass stop ltTEST and restart with multipass start ltTEST. If you want to delete the image and start again, run multipass delete ltTEST && multipass purge.

Cloud-init options in cloud-init.yaml

You may wish to change the below fields as per your location.

timezone: America/New York  # change as needed
  pools: ['']
  servers: ['', '']

If you are running your forked repo of LibreTime for testing purposes, modify the URL on this line:

- cd / && git clone