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Is something not working for your Libretime installation? Here’s a quick guide to help you troubleshoot most issues you’ll run into.

1. Let’s check the basics

Is your server on? (We hate to ask.) Is it connected to the internet? Is it connected to your broadcast console or mixer if being used for soundcard output? If you’re using a cloud host, does your cloud provider’s status page indicate any system outages?

Once you know your physical (or virtual) system is functional, was a show scheduled for the current time with tracks or an autoplaylist scheduled?

2. Are all services working?

If you can log in to Libretime, go to Settings > Status to see the service indicators. A fully working server should have green checkmarks next to all services.

If one of the services isn’t working, text will display with a terminal command to restart the service or get status information for a particular service. For example (for Ubuntu 18.04), the following commands would restart or check the status of Libretime’s Liquidsoap instance, respectively.

sudo systemctl restart libretime-liquidsoap
sudo systemctl status libretime-liquidsoap

If the service isn’t wanting to restart, look at its status for clues as to why it stopped working.

If you find yourself constantly needing to restart a service, there’s a chance it was never set to autostart on system boot. Use sudo systemctl enable servicename to fix this problem.

3. Known problems

If you have one of these issues, please try to resolve it with the instructions below before moving on in the troubleshooting checklist.

  • Streaming player on Microsite and Listen player on Dashboard not working? The problem could be caused by a bug in writing to the database during the setup wizard. This can be fixed by going to Settings -> Stream Settings and toggling the Default Streaming and Custom/ 3rd Party Streaming option, accepting the popup dialogues, and clicking Save at the top of the settings page.
  • File not importing successfully? Libretime has been known to work with MP3 and WAV files, encoded using 41,100 Hz. Variable Bit Rate (VBR) files are currently hit or miss with the importer. Please convert your file to an MP3 or WAV at 41,100 Hz. and try uploading again.
  • Podcast hosted by not importing? There is no known work-around at this time. Ask your producers to provide their show files manually or check with the show’s distributer.
  • Tracks won’t publish? We know the Publish screen is broken and we’re working on it. A potential work-around is to use an external podcast host like or Blubrry.
  • Can’t hear any sound coming from your soundcard (for analog audio output)? If you are using ALSA as your audio driver, use alsamixer to see the current volume your system is set to. If stil nothing, go to Settings > Streams and make sure Hardware Audio Output is checked. If you need to play a tone to help you troubleshoot, you can use speaker-test (does not come installed with Libretime).

4. Read the docs

Our main documentation listing is here and can be searched here.

5. Reach out to the developers

Libretime is still in active development, meaning bugs and issues are expected to pop up every so often. See if an issue is still open by looking at our Issues page. If you don’t get the help you need, please open an issue so we can take a look at it.