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Managing Users

Note: if your Libretime server is accessible from the public Internet (ex. being hosted in a cloud VM) it is strongly recommended to create a second administrator account with a secure password and then delete the admin account.

User Account Types

To add further user accounts to the system, one for each of your station staff that need access to Airtime, click the New User button with the plus icon. Enter a user name, password and contact details, and then select the User Type from the drop down menu, which can be Admin, Program Manager, DJ, or Guest. The difference between these user types is:


  • Can view shows and the playout log on the Calendar and Dashboard, respectively
  • Listen to the output stream without leaving the interface


  • Everything Guests can do, plus
  • Upload media (music, PSAs, underwriting, shows, etc.) to their own library (DJs cannot view other libraries)
  • Edit metadata, delete, and schedule media in their own library to shows they are assigned to
  • Preview uploaded media without affecting the live playout
  • Create Playlists, Smart Blocks, and connect Podcasts and Webstreams to LibreTime

Program Managers

  • Everything DJs can do, plus
  • Manage other users’ libraries in addition to their own
  • Create, edit, and delete color-coded shows on the Calender and assign them to DJs (if needed)
  • Shows can be scheduled to repeat, with the option of linking content between the shows (helpful if a DJ livestreams in each week)
  • View listener statistics
  • Export playout logs for analysis or reporting for music royalties


  • Everything Program Managers can do, plus
  • Manage all user accounts, including the ability to reset passwords
  • Configure Track Types for easy sorting of uploaded content
  • Change system settings

Editing or deleting user accounts

New user accounts that you add will be shown in the table on the left side of the Users page. If you have a large number of users on the system, you can use the search tool above the table (which has a magnifying glass icon) to identify specific user accounts. Click the white chevrons in the table headings to sort the search results by Username, First Name, Last Name or User Type.

To edit a user account, click on that user’s row in the table, change the user’s details in the box on the right side, and then click the Save button. To remove a user account, click the small x icon to the right side of its row in the table. You cannot delete your own user account, and usernames cannot be changed once created.

Users can update their own password, and their contact, language and time zone details, by clicking their username on the right side of the main menu bar, next to the Logout link.