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Docs for DJs

Basic guides for broadcasting with Libretime can be found here, perfect for DJs.

  • Broadcasting Live
  • Using the Library (Playlists, Smartblocks, Webstreams, Podcasts)
  • Preparing Media
  • Scheduling Shows
  • Docs for Program Managers

    Program Managers, sometimes known as Program Directors, manage DJs and are responsible for maintaining the station's on-air calendar. All the help Program Managers need is right here. (Note: guides for DJs will also be helpful for programming Libretime)

  • Playout History & Auditing
  • Rights and Royalties
  • User Management
  • Docs for System Administrators

    System administrators can find all of the information they need here to configure and maintain their LibreTime instance.

  • API Usage
  • Backing up LibreTime
  • Built-in Microsite
  • Configuring Icecast/Shoutcast
  • FreeIPA Configuration
  • HD Audio Modules Reference
  • Installing Libretime
  • Interface Customization
  • Settings
  • Troubleshooting/Uninstall
  • Upgrading LibreTime
  • Docs for Developers

    Calling all developers! Find the information you need to get started at the links below.

  • Contributing to Libretime
  • Developing with Vagrant
  • Translate Libretime