LibreTime Radio Automation


An open source radio automation server made for (and made by) low-power FM stations and the rest of us.

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Radio Broadcasting 101
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How to automatically schedule an Intro Playlist

Audience: Adminstrators

Creating the Top of the hour smartblock

  1. Login to LibreTime
  2. Click Smart Blocks
  3. Click the blue +New button
  4. On the right (or below if screen width is limited), type in the Smart Block Name: Top of the Hour Station ID
  5. Under Search Criteria select Genre for the criteria
  6. Select is for modifier
  7. Type TOTHID in the third box. Note: all Top of The Hour Station ID tracks will need to have TOTHID as their Genre to match
  8. Under Limit To – click the second box and select items instead of hours
  9. Click Save

Adding Smartblock to Intro Playlist

  1. Click Playlist
  2. Click + New
  3. Type Intro Playlist in the Name.
  4. Click Smart Blocks
  5. Click the box to the left of Top of the Hour Station ID
  6. Click + Add to current playlist or drag the smart block to the right bottom of the playlist window.
  7. Click Save.

How to Set Default Intro Playlist

  1. Click Settings. 1, Click General and then scroll to Intro Autoloading Playlist and click the drop down to select the Intro Playlist
  2. Click Save.

Now everytime an autoloading playlist is scheduled the system will select a random top of the hour ID and insert it before any other content. You can other content to the Intro Playlist to also have it scheduled before any shows with Autoloading Playlists enabled.