The LibreTime API enables many types of information about the broadcast schedule and configuration to be retrieved from the LibreTime server. Other than the live-info and week-info data fetched by website widgets (see the chapter Exporting the schedule), all API requests must be authenticated using the secret API key stored in the file /etc/airtime/api_client.cfg on the LibreTime server. This key is autogenerated during LibreTime installation and should be unique for each server.

If you intend to use the LibreTime API across a public network, for security reasons it is highly recommended that all API requests are sent over encrypted https: and that the web server is configured to accept requests to the api/ directory from specific host names or IP addresses only.

The format of API requests is:

where api-action is the type of request and XXXXXX is the secret API key. Available actions include:

  • on-air-light - return true if the station is on air
  • status - get the status of LibreTime components and resource usage
  • version - returns the version of LibreTime installed
  • get-files-without-silan-value - list files for which silence detection has not yet been performed
  • get-stream-setting - gets the settings of LibreTime output streams
  • get-stream-parameters - gets the parameters of LibreTime output streams

For example, using the action get-stream-setting returns the following output for the first configured stream:






{"keyname":"s1_description","value":"Airtime Radio! Stream


which is enough information to construct a player widget dynamically. (s1_url is the station's homepage, not the stream URL). The same information is provided with an s2_ prefix for the second stream, and s3_ prefix for the third stream.

Some API requests require the directory ID number to be specified as dir_id including:

  • list-all-files - list files in the specified directory
  • get-files-without-replay-gain - list files in the specified directory for which ReplayGain has not been calculated yet

For example, using a request such as:

returns the full path to each media file in the LibreTime storage directory:

"imported\/1\/Mark Ronson feat. Saigon\/Here Comes the Fuzz\/7-Diduntdidunt-unknown.flac",
"imported\/1\/Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen\/Inspiration Information\/3-Selfish Gene-128kbps.mp3",