LibreTime Radio Automation


An open source radio automation server made for (and made by) low-power FM stations and the rest of us.

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Radio Broadcasting 101
UNESCO Public Radio Guide

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Radio page

LibreTime includes a mini-site, which can be accessed at localhost (for local installations) or (for installations to a server on a domain).

The site includes your logo (set under Settings > General), the login button to the LibreTime interface, links for the schedule, station description, and podcast tabs, and a livestream player that runs of the stream from the built-in Icecast2 server. The currently playing artist and track are displayed.

The schedule tab opens by default and shows a schedule for your station based on LibreTime’s Calendar for the next 7 days. All times are presented in 12 hour format.

The about tab includes your station name and a quick blurb about your station that can be set under Settings > General (more info here).

Tracks published wind up here, and can be played back on-demand. This is a great place for putting episodes of shows that have already played out on stream. The Subscribe button allows for listeners to subscribe to your podcast’s RSS feed in a podcast client of their choice, such as Apple Podcasts.

The background of the radio page can be changed; see instructions here. Image comes from CATS ON SYNTHESIZERS IN SPACE.