LibreTime Radio Automation


An open source radio automation server made for (and made by) low-power FM stations and the rest of us.

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Radio Broadcasting 101
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Scheduling Shows

Log in using your username and password using the link in the upper right corner. (If you just installed LibreTime, your username/password is admin/admin.)

The main workflow in LibreTime is Upload media -> create a show on the Calendar -> Schedule Tracks.

Once you log in, click on the big blue button on the left navigation that says Upload.

Select the type of media you are uploading (Music, Station IDs, etc.) by using the dropdown box at the top of the pane. After that, either drag and drop media into the area below or click the dashed rectangle to open a file browser.

Once your files have uploaded and have been successfully imported (as shown in the pane on the right), click on Calendar on the left navigation.

Click on the blue + New Show button to add a new show.

At the very minimum, fill out the show’s name and when the show will take place. If the show will repeat regularly, check the Repeats? box and fill out the repeat information. Click on the grey + Add this show button at the top of the pane to add your show to the calendar.

Once your show is created, click on it to open its context menu. Select Schedule Tracks to open the track scheduler.

The track scheduler behaves similar to iTunes or Windows Media Player: media browser on the left, playlist on the right. Find the tracks that you’d like to schedule by using the search box or sorting columns and then drag them into the playlist.

The bar at the end of the show’s playlist will show the amount of time the show is underscheduled or overscheduled. Shows that are underscheduled will have dead air at the end and shows that are overscheduled will fade out exactly when the show is over (the orange colored entry), meaning tracks scheduled to start after this point will not play (dark red colored entries). Click the Ok button in the bottom right to save.

Show playback will start and end as per each show’s start and end times, allowing you to rely completely on LibreTime for running your station or using LibreTime as a part of your live setup to cover when DJs are not present. When media is playing, the On Air indicator at the top will turn red.

You can listen to your stream by going to yourserverIP:8000 or by clicking the Listen button under the On Air indicator.