LibreTime Radio Automation


An open source radio automation server made for (and made by) low-power FM stations and the rest of us.

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Quick Install
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Using LibreTime
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Radio Broadcasting 101
UNESCO Public Radio Guide

HD Audio Modules
Rights and Royalties
Media Folders used by LibreTime

The Status page

On the Settings menu, the Status page provides an overview of the health and resource usage of the various services that make up a LibreTime system. If all is well, you will only see green check mark icons in the Status column. This page also shows how much Disk Space you have used on the disk partition containing the main Import folder, as well as any disks or partitions with watched folders.

If any of the check mark icons in the Status column have changed to a red warning sign, contact your system administrator for assistance. (The chapter Troubleshooting contains some tips). LibreTime will do its best to restart any failing services, but sometimes manual intervention may be required; for example, in the case of hardware failure.

If you have run out of storage space, a LibreTime user with admin privileges could log in and delete media files that are no longer required from the Library. Alternatively, you could move some files to a watched folder on another disk, or ask your system administrator to install additional storage capacity.