LibreTime Radio Automation


An open source radio automation server made for (and made by) low-power FM stations and the rest of us.

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Radio Broadcasting 101
UNESCO Public Radio Guide

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Welcome to LibreTime

LibreTime makes it easy to run your own online or terrestrial radio station. Don’t believe us? Check out our Quick Install page to see just how easy it is to install and use LibreTime!

Some of LibreTime’s main features include:

LibreTime is a fork of AirTime due to stalled development of the FLOSS version. For background on this, see this open letter to the Airtime community.

We have a number of how-to guides that contain step-by-step instructions for various common tasks for both end users and administrators.

There are currently no companies offering turn-key LibreTime hosting so if you are interested in running it you will need to have some familiarity with running a Linux server. You can always reach out to help from the community at our forum. You can also join our Mattermost instance and talk with other developers and users.

Proud Users

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