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Version: Stable 4.x


Welcome to the LibreTime documentation, you should find everything you need to know about LibreTime.

Getting started

Are you new to LibreTime? This is the place to start!

The documentation is divided into multiple parts:

  • the Administrator manual provide guides and references to setup and configure LibreTime.
  • the User manual provide guides and tutorials for managers, and content creators to use LibreTime.
  • the Developer manual provide guides to integrate LibreTime, or improve and contribute to LibreTime.

Getting help

Having trouble? We’d like to help!


LibreTime is a fork of AirTime due to stalled development of the open source version. For background on this, see this open letter to the Airtime community.

Airtime itself was based on the software called Campcaster. You can find more information about the early days of Campcaster and Airtime in the repository.