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Chat is moving to Matrix

· 2 min read

Since late 2019, LibreTime has hosted our own Mattermost instance at It has been used for project planning and some support requests. However, we want to make interacting with the project easy and not require yet another account, so we are moving to Matrix! The new community is available at

Mattermost is a very good open source platform for communication within an organisation, but it requires users to create an account specific for LibreTime. This is not ideal. It also requires us to maintain the instance and manage all the data therein.

Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralized communication. There is a reference server provided by that can be accessed from, but people can also host their own homeserver and use that to interact. Conversations are split between rooms in one or more spaces. A space acts like an index for related rooms. We have a space ( with two rooms: General ( and Support ( Any support queries should use the Support room.

Connecting to LibreTime Matrix rooms

  1. Create an account at (if you don't have a Matrix account already)
  2. Search for or open
  3. Join the Space and select the rooms you wish to join

Accessing the past Mattermost chat data

The chat logs for all public channels is available on the forum. These are only available for users with an account with at least trust level 1.