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Version: Stable 4.x


Releasing a new version

This guide walks you through the steps required to release a new version of LibreTime.

1. Inspect the release pull request

A release pull request is maintained by release-please. release-please guesses the next version to release based on the commit history, and will generate a changelog for that release.

Once a release is desired, checkout the release branch:

# For a release on the main branch
git checkout release-please--branches--main--components--libretime
# For a release on the stable-4.x branch
git checkout release-please--branches--stable-4.x--components--libretime

2. Release note

Prepare a new release note based on the docs/releases/ file. Be sure that the filename match the releases notes naming conventions:

ls -l docs/releases/
cp docs/releases/ docs/releases/$

The release note file must be updated with:

  • the version and date of this release,
  • an auto generated features and bug fixes changelog,
  • instructions for upgrading,
  • deprecation notices,
  • remove empty sections.

Reset and clean the docs/releases/ file for a future version.

Commit the release note changes:

git add docs/releases
git commit -m "docs: add release note"

4. Merge the release pull request

Push any changes that we previously made to the release branch:

git push

Once the pull request CI succeeded and everything is ready, merge the release pull request. release-please will create a tag and a release, which will trigger the final release pipeline that will upload the tarball as release assets.