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Create a backup

This guide walk you though the steps required to create a full backup of your installation.


Remember to automate and test the backup process and to have it run regularly. Having an automated and tested restoring process is also recommended.


Feel free to pick the backup software of your choice, but know that rsync and similar tools are not backup tools. You could use restic or borg.

Backup the configuration

On common setups, you need to backup the entire /etc/libretime folder.

Backup the database

You need to backup the PostgreSQL database, which holds the entire data of your installation.

Here is an example to dump your PostgreSQL database:

sudo -u postgres pg_dump --file=libretime.sql libretime

Please read the pg_dump usage for additional details.

Backup the storage

You need to backup the entire file storage, which holds all the files of your installation.

The path to your storage was defined during the installation process.

Restore a backup

Restore the configuration

Copy the backed configuration files back to the configuration folder.

Restore the database


Restore the storage