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This page provide some guidance to monitor LibreTime.


To gather and remotely monitor exceptions that may occur in your installation, you can use the Sentry library shipped in LibreTime to send reports to any Sentry compatible server (Sentry, Glitchtip).

To configure Sentry in LibreTime, you need to:

  • install the LibreTime Python packages with the sentry extra (the container images already ship the sentry extra),

    # Inside the LibreTime source dir
    sudo pip install ./analyzer[sentry]
    sudo pip install ./api[prod,sentry]
    sudo pip install ./playout[sentry]
    sudo pip install ./worker[sentry]
  • set the SENTRY_DSN environment variable on each of the LibreTime services you want to monitor.

See the Sentry Python SDK configuration options documentation to further configure your setup.