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Version: 3.0.0-alpha.12

LibreTime 3.0.0 alpha

This version was released the 2017-03-15.


Please report new issues and/or feature requests in the issue tracker.

Join our discourse or chat with us on our mattermost if you need help and for general discussion.

The full tarball for the 3.0.0-alpha release of LibreTime is available here.

The first release from the LibreTime Community.

🚀 Features

  • Working installer for Debian and Ubuntu
  • Automated Vagrant setup for developers on either Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS
  • Removed visible legacy upstream branding
  • Disable most legacy upstream "pro" SaaS integrations
  • "pro" widgets for everyone
  • AutoDJ support for shows
  • Tons of bugfixes like working silan cue cuts and more

Some features that went missing in legacy upstream "pro" branch have been back-ported while others are still waiting for such treatment.

The attached debian package is considered unstable as it has not had any serious testing at all. It mainly demonstrates that we are able to build one.